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Swimming Poetry

Early morning wake up call 

Squeeze into suit that's way too small
Drive for hours to the pool
Dive in the water, don't we look cool?
Warm ups over, must stretch out
Someone's up, ready to shout?
You're up next, clear your mind
What it's all about you must find
On the blocks ready to dive in
This event you must win
Pull, pull, pull, kick, kick, kick
The easy road you musn't pick
You're in the lead, don't look now
You just touched first, holy cow!
You tried your hardest, it was fun
Can you believe it? You just won 

Put on the suit, slip on the cap, step in the water and begin your first lap 

Flip turn here, hold your breath there
Up goes the sets and with big eyes we stare
From start to finish we swim our best and through the hard times we still make the rest
Through the pain and the tears we push it to the limit and hear our coach say, "Suck it up and just swim it!"
So that's what we do, and work even harder and look back in the end and know exactly what got us farther
It was our time, patience, perseverance too.
But the determination of the mind and body is what really got us through. 

The swimmers are lined up behind their blocks;

The timers are getting ready their clocks.

A white-clad timer's whistle blows,
And the competitors in their positions pose.

The exciting words "Take your marks" is heard,
And the swimmers get ready to take flight like a bird.

The gun is shot; a quick puff of smoke,
And the swimmers take off like someone gave them a poke.

They streamline all the way to the flags,
Then they surface before one of them gags.

They start swimming in a steady crawl,
And none of them for the first lap stall.

At the other wall when they do their flip,
A swimmer slows down: the one in lane six.

They start sprinting on their remaining meters,
Their legs churning up water like crazy eggbeaters.

The cheering grows louder from all the teammates,
And each one with great tensity waits.

The swimmers surge towards the end,
And the timers over the pool edge bend.

Wild shouts erupt from the audience's seats,
As a swimmer touches and everyone beats.

Lane three is first, next is lane one,
And one by one the others are done.

Soon the crowds slowly diminish,
And the swim meet now is officially finished.

by ElisaTheDuck (http://www.teenink.com)

First it's about the shock of the cold

and the strength of the first five laps.
Then ...

it's about the rhythm
and the breathing
and the black line below me.

It's the rhythm
and the breathing
and the black line below me.

It's the cardinal outside my window this morning
and the things I need to do this weekend
and the things that didn't get done today.

It's the rhythm
and the breathing
and the black line below me.

It's the girl in the lane next to me.
She swims so fast it seems like she's on top of the water
instead of in it,
like I am.

It's the rhythm
and the breathing
and the black line below me.

It's the smell of the chlorine
and the push off the wall.

And the rhythm
and the breathing
and the black line below me.

Finally it's about the deliciously hot water of the shower
and the sting of the cold air on my damp head.
It's about

the drive home and
the late dinner and
the falling asleep.

by Mary Lee (http://readingyear.blogspot.com/)

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Swimming. It's the feeling you get at the end of a hard practice when you pushed yourself to the limit; the way the water feels when you get back in after a few months off. It's a part of your identity, something you love and something you hate. A bond that's okay because every time you are up on the blocks it isn't just you; it's all the friends and coaches over the years, all the practices, all the laughter, all the "off" races, all the lifetime bests, and all the road trips. As individual as it may seem, swimming is really a team sport, and even still, it's more than just a sport. It's a way of life! 

Posts above taken from "swim-city.com" discussion forum.

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