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Coach Drake

1. Is water wet? 

After all, when water gets on your skin, your skin is wet, but what is the water then? If you put water on itself, does it get wetter? If water is wet, isn't that like saying a mirror reflects itself? BUT, doesn't a mirror reflect other things and can't reflect itself? As a result, water can't make itself wetter, because water isn't wet (say that three times). 

So, if you think water isn't wet, then when you dive in and are completely submerged, are you wet or not?

Now, if you say, "NO, water isn't wet". Then what is it, dry? However, if you say, "Yes, water is wet." Then we go back to the beginning, and you must answer: Can water get wetter if you put it on itself?

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Justine( No email ) 5/28/2011 10:42:27 am

Dad, I think water is wet, because if ice is just solid WATER and if you can put water on ice, the ice cube is wet. So water is wet.

Lynn Roe( lynn_roe@live.com ) 7/21/2018 11:30:37 am

When I take a pill, i.e. Advil & I can't swallow it with water but I can with iced tea. Is iced tea wetter than water?

Coach Drake (Justine's Dad)( No email ) 5/31/2011 02:37:16 pm

Oh, my smart girl, Justine, I thought you got me; but ice is a solid and water is a liquid, therefore their different properties make them different things. Ice isn't water, ice is ice, or "frozen water".
If ice is water, then if you put ice on your skin, does your skin get wet before the ice melts and turns into water? Since it doesn't, then ice really isn't water. As a result, water isn't wet. :) Ha, Ha! :)

bob( No email ) 12/6/2017 12:08:53 pm

ice is water but in a different state so it cant become wet if its water

Justine( No email ) 6/1/2011 02:39:18 pm

But Dad they are the same, because ice and water both have the molecules of H2O. The difference is just that the molecules in ice do not move and the molecules in water move some-what fast.

Coach Drake( No email ) 6/12/2011 03:35:21 pm

OK, Justine, Very good points, but let me try and explain my thinking this way:
If a "lightning bolt" :) strikes you, you are electrocuted, but the lightning is not.
In the same way, if water touches you, you get wet, but the water does not.
Lightning is electricity, but it doesn't electrocute itself; likewise, water is a liquid, but it doesn't make itself wet.

What do you think?

Coach Kirsten( No email ) 6/13/2011 07:30:15 am

Coach Drake, I see your point. I wanted to make sure, though, and went to the online dictionaries. Most of them say that wet means consisting of, or being covered by or soaked by a liquid. So, you would be right: water makes things wet, but isn't wet.

There is a definition that sort of supports Justine's point, though: something that is not yet dry or is in a liquid state (like paint). This could mean that water is wet, though water never dries, like paint. Interpret for yourselves.

Coach Will( No email ) 6/13/2011 05:16:18 pm

Very good point guys, I did some research and came up with the following...
Water is a liquid and one of the main properties of liquid is that they are wet. So water is wetting liquid due to its strong adhesive force.
The word "wet" is used to to describe something that is or has liquid in it.
So Coach Kirsten did you know that there are two different kinds of wetting liquids? A wetting liquid would be water. What about Mercury? That is actually considered a non-wetting liquid. Paint in my opinion would be considered both since it changes from a liquid to a solid when dried.

Myla( No email ) 6/15/2011 04:04:29 pm

Your guys are killing me!! Lol, great discussion! My answer is, "It is what it is, lol!"

Coach Drake( No email ) 6/17/2011 04:28:01 pm

But that's just it Myla, what is water? It's a rather unique substance with numerous qualities, and as swimmers, not only are our bodies mostly made up of water, but we spend more time than any other group of humans in it.

Think about this:
Mostly, our bodies are just big bags of water which is held together by a semi-permeable, very thin layer of skin. So, when we submerge that permeable bag of water, at what point do we become less of our individual selves and more of the pool? Now..., if we put a whole team in the pool, isn't the team sharing in one singular body? In other words, the "TEAM" of individuals truly becomes one.

Justine( No email ) 10/31/2011 01:27:53 pm

Hey guys right now it is October and swim team is over so I just wanted to get the last word and say have an awesome year. Maybe my dad will start a new discussion!

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bill( No email ) 12/11/2018 05:33:43 pm

water is not wet because when you come in contact with water you become wet until then water is not wet and you are dry

Coach Drake, 8/13/2020

Then again, maybe water is wet..., why? 

Well, perhaps it's just self-evident regardless of previous "my logic"; if water wasn't wet it would not be water.  :)

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