Lopatcong Park Pool Survey, 2022

    Hello All,

    If you haven't done so already, please fill out the Lopatcong Park & Pool survey as soon as you can. The next meeting is on Sept. 27, and we'd like swim team input advocating for a pool prominent in the survey.

    Lopatcong Park & Pool Survey

    If the survey has many positive responses supporting a pool, then a referendum may be put to a vote, then possibly a pool may be built several years after that. So, this is a long term process. However, there are times when other organizations or community groups' goals align and facilities get built in other ways too. 

    Even though our near term goal is to move into the hopefully new Walter's Park pool next summer, it's important we respond en masse to this survey to demonstrate general interest in getting a competitive pool built. As a result, even if Lopatcong Township decides not to invest in a pool, there is data of general community support in this region from the few hundred of us that are connected to the swim team. Therefore, potentially other organizations or townships willing to partner or consider it, will have something of value to reference as well.

    By the way, you are likely to receive this email several times, as I'm going to send it to team email lists from several past seasons to get to the broadest # of families.  

    Thank you & see you on deck!

    Coach Drake

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